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January 13th 2014

January 13th 2014. The floods in Titchfield have now receded somewhat and the pub furniture in the foreground is no longer floating.

January 27th 2014

27th January 2014. High and dry at the marina in Fareham, Hampshire.

February 27th 2014

27th February 2014. A philosophical question.

January 10th 2014

January 10th 2014. For sale in a shop. Live life and don’t be too good.

February 18th 2014

18th February 2014. For all your mod and 6os needs.

January 25th 2014

25th January 2014. Portsmouth University – a detail.

February 12th 2014

12th February 2014. Raindrops on paintwork.

February 20th 2014

20th February 2014. The kiosk on Brighton Pier as seen in the picture on the wall.

January 8th 2014

January 8th 2014. So, I thought I’d try to learn something clever. Something to stun and amaze my friends. A feat to bring out on each and every occasion to enliven an otherwise dull party or gathering. Juggling – that’s the thing. After all it has been performed for thousands of years by so many people, I mean, how hard can it be?Clearly I have bought some faulty juggling balls as they keep falling to the ground. Try as I might the slippery little blighters just keep getting away from me…

February 14th 2014

14th February 2014. It’s Valentine’s Day today. Men, you’ve been warned. Forgetting this is akin to a war crime and you’ll suffer.