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"Every journey starts with a dream, and your full faith and belief in your dream will pave the way." - GM Rao from HERO www.thesecret.tv/title/hero

This is true but it still hurts when people think bad or look down on you because they don't agree with the choices you've made.

Learn to be thankful with what you have because somewhere, someone is longing for the things that you have that you don't want.

It was a pretty productive day. Booked events, mailed contracts, and had some good meetings. Even got in a run and a family swim. It was nice. Gratitude: hot summer runs Goal: patience with my dear child. #2015GratitudesAndGoals

I can't stress it enough. Sometimes I'm hard on myself, but imagine if you could never forgive yourself? what if you never went through what you went through to learn?

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