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While I do believe that English SHOULD be learned (and 99% of the time IS) by MOST immigrants (the exception being elderly relatives here only to live out their golden years and not really functioning in society) I disagree with this IGNORANT AS HELL crap right here… Let's be honest… What this is attacking is SPANISH… And the U.S. happens to be the SECOND LARGEST Spanish-speaking country in the world and that IS NOT going to change… Bilingual LOVE ALL DAY! Kill this ignorance already……

The Only People Who Are Mad At You For Speaking The Truth Are Those People Who Are Living A Lie. Keep Speaking The Truth, Lord, I need your help right now with this because really I just want to quit.

People will also tell you your lying al the time when you aren't. What do ya do? Let them believe what they want. Trying to convince someone that your being honest will just make ya look like a lair.

Seriously. I'm fine when people finally learn to accept country music, but when you talk about it and the only thing you can talk about is Taylor Swift I lose respect, especially when you continue to act like country music is, and always has been, your love. I'm not saying that she is bad, but let's be honest she is not the best example of "country" music

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