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Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with Dual 2mm Shadow Bands -I asked how much to get the companion bands 7/20/2015

Crystal Realm: Hand-woven, Guinevere four-band puzzle engagement ring: princess-cut Tanzanite, medium-weight with tight weave. Customizable with your choice of colored gemstone.

Raw Diamond Rose gold Engagement Ring Rough Gold Wedding Dainty Delicate Ring diamond Wedding Ring Rough Diamond Ring Art Deco Opal & Diamond Ring, ca. 1925. #opalsaustralia #opalsau #opaljewellery

Celtic marquise sapphire puzzle ring with diamond accents is paired with a Celtic recessed, eternal knot band. The puzzle ring really comes apart and goes back together, providing endless fun and fascination. Impress your friends with your skill.

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This beautiful @kirkkara wedding ring looks vintage inspired. It's dainty, feminine and timeless. We love how it still sparkles without taking away from your engagement ring.

Product Detail (Puzzle Rings - Madison Four-Band Puzzle Ring in Medium Weight in Open Weave)