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Most Expensive House $2 Billion Mumbai, India  (If I'm not wrong i saw where the people who built never moved in for some reason, anyone know?)

Indian billionaire, Mukesh Ambani has finished building his new home in Mumbai, India costing to about 1 billion dollars. Yes the home has cost Ambani 1 billion dollars. It is the most expensive house in the world right now.

Nathani Heights, Mumbai  https://www.pinterest.com/0bvuc9ca1gm03at/

Nathani Heights in Mumbai, India. Construction began on this Art Deco residential structure in Completion is scheduled for 2016 and will be part of a complex of new buildings.

MUMBAI | India Tower | 74 floors | 301m — Mumbai’s tallest skyscraper begins construction


India Tower is a modern building mixed-used luxury residential development in Mumbai, India. This was a crazy building to see, and it's so tall you can see it from a lot of places in the city.

James Law Cybertecture - Wadala Tower in Mumbai

Mumbai,India~~Wadala tower is the tallest mix-use tower in the world,~~ designed by world renowned architect James Law. Wadala Tower is a century ultra-futuristic “Cybertecture” skyscraper situated in the heart of India.

Colorful Snail House in Mexico City

25 Most Bizarre Houses in the World The Nautilus House, in Mexico DF (Mexico), is a seashell-inspired abode built by designed by Senosiain Arquitectos for a couple. This is simply gorgeous! I'd live here!

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10 BOOK Furniture Design Pieces Every Bookworm Should Have

Luxury Villa Mahina in Kawau Island, New Zealand. The dream house “Mahina” (means moon) was designed by “Weber Consulting” and as its name suggests, has the form of a crescent.

Namba Parks, shopping mall in Osaka

Japan's Namba Parks Has an 8-Level Roof Garden with Waterfalls

I would like to see far more Landscape Architecture like this in NZ – we need to bring our uniqiue fern and native flora to the urban landscape…Namba Parks Shopping Mall – Osaka, Japan

Ups ... the "Kopfuber-Haus  (Headfirst house) in Germany // by iPhotograph, Volker Wurst

Upside Down House in Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany how cute. is everything inside upside down too?

their humble abode  Japan style of living

三鷹天命反転住宅 In Memory of Helen Keller (東京・三鷹、設計:荒川修作+マドリン・ギンズ) Reversible Destiny Lofts MITAKA - In Memory of Helen Keller - in MItaka, Tokyo: architect by Shusaku Arakawa+Madeline Gins


Organic Architect Robert Oshatz’s house ( Portland, Oregon ) could easily live off the grid in this tree house