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Oct-2010 Bruce Almighty Bruce Rockowitz is the laid-back president of Li & Fung, the world’s largest consumer goods company—and also one of its most anonymous

Apr-2010 The Shape of Tings to ComeIvan Ting is heir apparent to one of the world’s largest toy train manufacturing empires, but has he got ideas above his station?

Aug-2011 Passionate Lee A passion for his businesses is what truly motivates Marcus Lee, chairman of RCL Semiconductors and president of the GR8 Leisure Concept group

May-2011 Toyz II Ken As the chairman of Kader Industrial, Kenneth Ting heads up the second generation of Tings to run one of the world’s most successful toy businesses

Feb-2011 Da Silva’s Dream Machines Utilising hi-tech processing systems and an intuitive understanding of logistics has seen Archie da Silva, managing director of Jet-Speed Air Cargo Forwarders, emerge as one of the world’s foremost freight carriers

If there is a art to dealing in art—and any experienced gallerist, collector, or museum director will tell you that there most certainly is—then one of its greatest practitioners is Larry Gagosian. Over the last three decades, Gagosian has built one of the art world's most expansive (and frequently emulated) global enterprises.

Nov-2010 A Ward Winner Dr Walton Li has followed in his father’s footsteps as the chairman of the Hong Kong Sanatorium, but says it offers far more than six-star care

Dec-2010 Coal Warrior Legionnaire, coal importer and businessman, Simon Murray’s life story reads like a film script, one that’s already been made…

Sept-2010 Seven Times A Knight Sir Wayne Leung, managing director of The Local Printing Press, has been knighted on seven separate occasions, but still keeps a focus on both his business and artistic interests