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Oct-2010 Bruce Almighty Bruce Rockowitz is the laid-back president of Li & Fung, the world’s largest consumer goods company—and also one of its most anonymous

A "career story" should give you a better idea of your values, talents, goals and a clear vision of your ideal career.

Chan’s In A Million Johnny Chan, chairman of Crosby Asset Management, is something of a one-off. After all, how many other private investment bankers genuinely believe they are providing a public service?

Aug-2011 Passionate Lee A passion for his businesses is what truly motivates Marcus Lee, chairman of RCL Semiconductors and president of the GR8 Leisure Concept group

Feb-2011 Da Silva’s Dream Machines Utilising hi-tech processing systems and an intuitive understanding of logistics has seen Archie da Silva, managing director of Jet-Speed Air Cargo Forwarders, emerge as one of the world’s foremost freight carriers

May-2011 Toyz II Ken As the chairman of Kader Industrial, Kenneth Ting heads up the second generation of Tings to run one of the world’s most successful toy businesses

Mar-2012 The Two Ronnies Keen cultural conserver and radical redeveloper, Ronnie Chan, chairman of the Hang Lung Group, is indeed something of a contradictory character

Apr-2010 The Shape of Tings to ComeIvan Ting is heir apparent to one of the world’s largest toy train manufacturing empires, but has he got ideas above his station?

Nov-2010 A Ward Winner Dr Walton Li has followed in his father’s footsteps as the chairman of the Hong Kong Sanatorium, but says it offers far more than six-star care