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Every four years Americans elect a president. And every four years, campaign-finance experts predict the coming of the most expensive election in history. The 2016 presidential campaign is no exception. It is reckoned that political candidates, parties, and outside groups will spend more than double the cost of the 2012 campaign. But how do the intertwined elements of money, politics and the media play a role in the most expensive elections in the world? And why is this money not spent in a…

Looks like this Chef knows a Certified Con Man when he sees one!

Too bad, Mr. Trumpet. This happens to fall under freedom of speech.

Ben Carson quote: I have said, "It is the fall of the Roman Empire (the American Empire) and we have a front row seat!

Trump lashed out at NBC News for using a photo of him with a double chin. lol

Why is there no Official Investigation going on RIGHT NOW about This Trump POS?? If it were the other way around I guarantee you Republicans would 'Shut The Government Down' to get this Crook!! Democrats need to get with it and grow some balls!! This POS changed the course of the election for Trump!!! WHERE IS THE INVESTIGATION!!!!