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Raffaele Giannetti (Italian, 1832-1916) «Selling flowers on a Roman street»

Reconstrucció d'una cuina romana, Museum of London Roman kitchen, reconstruction, Museum of London.

Marble bust of Balbinus (?). Roman. Late Imperial Period, c. 238 A.D. Reworked from a portrait from the early 2nd century A.D. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Repaso UT8 Historia de Roma « Ciencias Sociales 1º ESO Colegio Europeo de Madrid Ainhoa Marcos y Víctor Aunión

Romano-Celtic Woman, Fishbourne Roman Palace, Sussex

blanania: First encounter Today’s Micaela’s - approvesport’s birthday so i did a thing based off her Gladiators AU. Too bad Levy was the first one to get lovestruck hoho. OMG GRACE!!!!!! I’m speachless!! It’s beautiful!! And the background, and Levy!!! Woa!! THANK YOU!!!! They look awesome *dies*

Livia Drusilla Book is 'I AM Livia wife od Ceasar of Augustus