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<3 Lucy and Desi <3 Although Lucy & Desi had their hard times and ultimately divorce, I like this picture because it shows how much they loved each other when they were together!

Lucy and Desi at the Copacabana, August 1941. Although their marriage didn't last, Lucy loved Desi until the day she died, and he loved Lucy with his last breath.

Today is the 73rd anniversary of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's wedding. Although they divorced and remarried other people, they still loved one another and remained friends. Just think...if these two had never gotten together, there never would have been an I LOVE LUCY.

Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball always were in love, even though they had a rocky marriage. She filed for divorce in the mid 40s, and did so in 1960, remaining good friends. Although she said she didn't regret it because "I couldn't take it anymore." When Lucy died in 1989 her second husband said "Well I guess she's happy now. She's with Desi."


Delicious Indian Chicken Jalfrezi Curry

Are you looking for a quick and easy dinner recipe that is unique and new and your family is sure to enjoy? Indian food is all the rage these days and although a large part of India is vegetarian the other half or so isn’t and among their most common meat used is chicken.

from by Tarla Dalal

Dahi Kachori ( Mumbai Roadside Recipes )

Dahi kachori, although rooted in the north, this filling snack has found its own place in the good old streets of mumbai! it’s a challenge to deftly bite into this king-sized snack. However well you do it, you will have a spot of chutney ooze out onto your face… be a sport, it is part of the roadside eating experience!

We didn't say: when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being—which you are allowing or not. ---Abraham