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So ignore the doodle in the top left. I tried to do a more Disney-inspired style with this one (especially the nose and eye). For an experiment, I think it turned out really well... except for the ear(like it's waaay too small), I didn't put too much effort into the ear. Also just didn't want to draw the other eye.

I cannot fall asleep, it's waaay too hot and all the fan does is blow hot air around the room... I got out of bed just to draw something to express my frustration instead of just lying in a puddle of my sweat and tears. If it's hot in your area please try your best to stay cool and hydrated, overheating in this weather is very dangerous. If only I had unlimited ice creams...I'd share with all of you (o´ω`o)ノ I have another drawing to post but I'm waiting until daytime so the lighting is…

I started crying after the giant fight at the entrance to the hotlands when I defeated her...So much emotion in one death...Same with Toriel...

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Adventures with George Washington, Part 2

Adventures with George Washington, Part 2

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