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space saving herb garden- Glue wire mesh screen under each hole in the block with cinderblock adhesive. Cover the inside of the hole with a square of garden weed barrier fabric or burlap to keep the soil from falling through the screen. Fill each hole with potting soil and plant your favorite herbs in each open block. The blocks that are directly over another block do not need a mesh screen.

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Rubber Plant Losing Leaves - Why Do Leaves Drop Off A Rubber Plant

Information On What Causes Rubber Tree Plant Leaves Falling Off - If your rubber plant is losing leaves, it can be alarming. It can leave a plant owner wondering, “Why do leaves drop off rubber plants?” There are many reasons for leaves falling off rubber tree plant.

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Fall Gardening Tips

If you love to garden but the heat of summer has been hard on your plants, there’s nothing like the promise of fall to fill your head with dreams of lush foliage. Before you start planting, take some time...

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Ready, Set, Dig

It's not too early to think about planting bulbs in your garden. Follow our foolproof tips this fall and come spring, you'll be glad you did!