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What's the most common wish of all girls? Exactly! They all want to have a pair! Jasmine needs your help to get things right, but first you have to find the lamp!

Personally, black dogs are my first choice. For some reason they are the most overlooked in shelters. Please consider adopting a black dog or a pit bull from your local animal shelter. :)

Jasmine Propagation: Tips For Seed Starting And Rooting Jasmine Cuttings - Propagating your own jasmine plant is the best way to get more plants while guaranteeing they'll do well in your environment. This article will help with propagating jasmine.

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How to Make Your Nails Stronger

How to Strengthen Your Weak, Brittle Nails

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Top 30 BestFriend Quotes and Friendship Pictures

I'm so sorry Jordan... Iloveyou and I will always be here

Our Hen House: nonprofit organization focused on changing the world for animals. vegan/vegetarian

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Invisible Trellis

Invisible Trellis Vines appear to defy gravity, let your wall show through. Eyehooks screwed into siding or walls and networks of medium-gauge wire hold delicate vines. (Heavier climbers, such as roses, will need heavy-gauge wire.) Design a grid by placing eyehooks 12 to 16 inches apart and running wire through them. Or you can follow one of our designs, placing eyehooks at intersections. Support wires across a large expanse with hooks every 2 feet. To install

28 Dog Facts That Might Surprise You! *Some of them are simply missed by Owners, and can cause issues for your pooch.

Advice for Moms – Power of Moms / podcast & article - every day kids need min of 8 touches from parent, one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation, and the 9 most important minutes of the day: after they wake up, after they come home from school & before they go to bed