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August 6,1945-A charred wristwatch found in the city's ruins indicates the exact time of the Hiroshima explosion as 8:15 a.m. From the ashes – the rebirth of Hiroshima

The shadow of a person who was disintegrated at the moment of the blast. These steps were removed and are now an exhibit at the Hiroshima Peace Park museum.

From the ashes – the rebirth of Hiroshima

Truly horrific. This mass grave of murdered Jews was the handiwork of an Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei, a group of SS whose sole purpose was the extermination of Jews and other "undesirables". Overseen by Reinhardt Heydrich, the four Einsatzgruppen were comprised of units of Einsatzkommandos which traveled with the Wermacht in order to "purify" newly conquered territories. Each group contained 500 to 800 men. It is estimated that they were responsible for over one million deaths.

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Hiroshima - The heart of the city by air, only the white roads giving an indication of where different buildings once stood. 'Hiroshima - Nagasaki - A Pictorial Record of the Atomic Destruction' 1978

Children's Peace Monument, Hiroshima Peace Park. This monument is build after Sadako Sasaki and all those children who died because of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima by USA during the World War 2, August 6 1945.

A pogrom in Lviv in 1941, where Ukrainian Nazi collaborators ransacked the city while abusing and murdering Jews