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Donuts, math, and superdense teleportation of quantum information

Donuts, math, and superdense teleportation of quantum information...the Torus shape is a key...

New State of Matter Discovered: Quantum Droplets of Electrons and their Holes

Photo credit: Image of the probability of location of an electron hole in the newly discovered dropletons. The electron is located at the centre of the peak, and the heights indicate the probability of hole location. Credit: The Cundiff Group and...

NASA: EM Drive shown to work in space-like vacuum. If this is truly the break through that it seems to be, it will result in a game change in space exploration. New models show that the EmDrive acts as a three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic flow of electron-positron virtual particles.

Quantum Entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say Physicists

Quantum entanglement may be "spooky," but it works at a fundamental level of life processes. Deal with it.