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Holiday Portrait Tips: How to Make Your Holiday Cards Unforgettable #photography #creativeholidaycards #christmascardideas #christmascards #creativechristmascards #calumet

Double Exposure - Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download:

Double Exposure Action

Double Exposure - Photoshop Action #photoeffect Download:

"1. Have a plan for your photo but don't be afraid to modify as you're in the middle of it. 2. Get in close and shoot as many frames as possible. Small changes in the subjects expression can greatly change the way one observes the image. 3. Shoot late in the day or early in the morning for a nice diffused light and more flattering look." In Sam's toolkit: "While I have tons of accessories, I'm finding myself keeping it to the basics when I'm shooting with the iPhone these days...maybe a…

When photographing highly reflective objects (like metal of glass) it's important not to reflect yourself on the object surface. How to hide you and the camera AND/OR make creative reflections

You Can Make the Best Homemade Moisturizer Ever, Easy

Lotions and moisturizers bottled in factories with fillers, preservatives and cheap bulk ingredients are hardly nurturing, despite claims of 'extra moisturizing' or 'makes skin feel silky soft'. Making your own with items in your kitchen is fresher, less expensive and more effective than anything you can buy at the store, too.