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A work of fiction based on real-life stories, Moderate Violence is sensitively and thoughtfully written, perfectly describing how someone could quickly descend into the darkness of self-harm. A recommended read for young people or parents who want to try and put into words the life events that are sometimes just too hard to describe.

Human Pinball is a fun circle game played at camp - perfect for anyone that works with kids. Find the written description of this activity and more like it, as well as more than 1,000 camp related games, skits, songs, and other activities at

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Literacy Circles for Primary Grades

This is the perfect resource for starting Literacy Circles in your classroom. You can use these in small guided reading groups, or as a whole class...

from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

The Kids Got Arty with David Hockney

The children's book of art: "This beautifully illustrated art book provides the perfect introduction to art for young children. Contains over 30 of the world’s best-loved works of art illustrated with fabulous photographs and cartoons."

cielrouge: YA Reads Featuring Korean-American Protagonists Written by Korean-American Authors  1. Good Enough by Paula Yoo - Getting 100% o...