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Don't be a hater on old gen ponies.

Straight From the Ponies' Mouths

i don’t really like the old generations but i do at the same time because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have new shows now. therefore i appreciate them a lot. so, yes i do love them.

EG is coming by doubleWbrothers.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Such friendship, isn't it beautiful? :'-) We noticed that we still haven't made a comic featuring those two, so here it is.

Your prettiest pictures. - Page 32

A gift for me from me, because the of march is my B-Day. Art-Status: Commissions - OPEN Trades - CLOSED Requests - CLOSED Commission pricesCommission prices Hello, my dear, dear watchers!

They are all derpy with different color manes cause if u look close they have the same cutie mark

The Element Of Suprise

Wait one second! Derpy's last name is Hooves, Derpy Hooves. So why is her sisters last names all Do? Some people call her derpy doo .

So Pinkie Pie throws the dead frog a party?<---no dude, the best part was that fluttershy tried reviving the frog

Pinkie Pie

Last in this set! Went for a roman armor kind of theme for her Also I'm really nervous about this one because the angle (head lifted) is really tricky. So I don't know if it turned out that good @ .