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.Pokemon & Vocaloid crossover. Hell ya. I feel like Miku would be the trainer, with an eevee of course, and the rest of the vocaloids should be gym leaders! How do that sound? But of course everyone has their own opinion and I respect their honesty.

THE ACCURACY HURTS ME<<SAME HOLY F like half of their songs that are really catchy have like the darkest story and im just like ... o.o .. but you gotta love vocaloid

you don't see the real me hiding inside! so don't push me down don't make me brake down, it wont help my tyering lie. i tell my self and every one els every things gana be ok, but my hart it still bleeds I with all my dieing needs as soul taking the blame!! so just look away caues its my diying day, lieing here as i rout away ..............................soo i gees ill just smile any way..............(u_u)