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.Pokemon & Vocaloid crossover. Hell ya. I feel like Miku would be the trainer, with an eevee of course, and the rest of the vocaloids should be gym leaders! How do that sound? But of course everyone has their own opinion and I respect their honesty.

The guy on top is Light from Death Note. He can kill people by writing their names in his notebook. Then there's Vocaloid which rocks!

THE ACCURACY HURTS ME<<SAME HOLY F like half of their songs that are really catchy have like the darkest story and im just like ... o.o .. but you gotta love vocaloid

•Aries• •Sagittarius• •Gemini• •Cancer• •Scorpio• •Leo• •Pisces• •Capricorn• •Libra• •Taurus• •Aquarius• •Virgo•

Summer Miku, Mizu Miku,Spring Miku, Sakura Miku, Winter Miku, and Yuki Miku (My favorite is Sakura Miku. ;) How about yours?)