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Hello chocolate lovers! Want to learn more about the amazing properties and magic of cacao? 😍 I'm launching my Cacao Now series on Lulu's Chocolate Facebook and Instagram, so come on over! It's my mission, and my pleasure, to illuminate the goodness of one of the greatest foods on the planet. Chocolate should be enjoyed with zero guilt and here is your permission slip to EAT CHOCOLATE EVERY DAY! 🎉🍫

The sweet life! Have you tried our new 68% cacao bar? We are happy to add a sweeter member to the Lulu's Chocolate family! It's the perfect balance of dark cacao with coconut palm sugar. Yummmmm

Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, 68% cacao Easter Bunny handcrafted with Wild Harvested, Heirloom, Arriba, Unroasted Ecuadorian Cacao! $4 Order today to ensure pre-Easter delivery! Real food for real folks. Link in bio! ❤️

Have you ever tried 100% cacao? I absolutely love it and find that when I share it with folks they are surprised to find it is not as bitter as they imagined...and some fall in love. Ours is silky smooth and changes flavor at least 6 times as it melts ever so slowly on your tongue. It's an amazing energy booster and when it comes to chocolate, well you simply can't get any darker. I'm all in!

And it all began with this...the first time I met a cacao pod...I fell so deeply in love that I created Lulu's Chocolate and my destiny became clear: Share the best chocolate on the planet with YOU!

One Decade. That's how long I've been making chocolate. A questionable addiction became a pure, holistic love affair the day I realized what a pure food cacao truly is. Since that day ten years ago I've put my heart, mind and soul into creating what I believe to be the most delicious, sensual, raw, vegan, sugar-free dark chocolate on the planet. I'm in deepest gratitude to YOU, my customers and fans who make this possible. With Love, Lulu ☺️🙏🏼🍫