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After you unclog your drain, just remember it is the last time you will have to do it.

OMG. Why couldn't I think of this and make a cool mill?!! Best gift I could ever get for my husband, who has to clean out our shower drain of my hair and almost pukes when he does. Best Drain Unclogger the DrainWig, The Grommet

Pull the DrainWig straight out of your drain! The DrainWig is disposable, just toss it in the trash and insert a new DrainWig.

Make Your Own Drain Cleaner from house hold items before putting in your new DrainWig. Baking soda and distilled vinegar work great.

The green catchers will be sure to catch all hair that makes it down your drain.

Start by feeding the chain into one of the holes of your drain.

Don't wait for the plumber to pull this from your drain! The DrainWig prevents clogged drains. So easy to remove, even a kid can do it! Sold on