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You're a good dog.

I'm Not Trying to be Nice...I'm Afraid for My Life!

Little Dog, Big Dog

I Guess I'll Sleep Over Here Then!

Cats are a bit more complicated…

Cats are a bit more complicated…

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Friends new Golden Retriever/Siberian Husky mix

"If You Cross A Husky And A Golden Retriever not actually funny. This a standard blue merle Australian shepherd. I have one just like this except he has heterochromic eyes. Please do not mistake this precious purebred baby for a crossbred hybrid or a mutt

Such a chick magnet

Such A Chick Magnet

I would describe this blog as "country" but with a lot of related things. However, as I have learned after being on tumblr for some time now, the subjects you post is always changing. I don't follow nudity or anti Christ images or words. Also, I don't...