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Gooey Graham's Get marshmallows icing and icing so first you get 2 graham crackers and get one and smear icing on it and then get marshmallows and place it on top of the icing then get your other graham and smear icing on it then place it on top of the graham with marshmallows like a pb+j sandwich

Ice your cake in the color of your choice, smear some patches of colored icing around the cake. Take your scraper and smooth in one direction. Then smooth in opposit direction to keep the color in the same spot. Melt some ganache and pour on the top center of the cake and spread to the edge enough to drip a little. Use a piping bag full of ganache to make more controlled drips. Finish with decoration of choice.

Icing That Hardens! Perfect for sugar cookies! It's a sweet icing that dries firm and glossy and doesn't run or smear when layered on top of other cookies. #cookies #recipes

from My Cake School

Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream

Delicious Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting Recipe! Flavorful & pipes beautifully on cakes and cupcakes! makes a wonderful filling also!


Christmas Tree Brownie Pops

Christmas Tree Brownie Pops ~ fudgy brownies, tangy cream cheese frosting, candy cane "trunks," and lots of festive sprinkles make these Christmas cookies perfect for decorating with kids, filling a holiday cookie platter, giving as food gifts, or leaving for Santa! |