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Can the Kochs buy a U.S. Senate seat for Tom Cotton? They're trying. | Arkansas Blog | Arkansas news, politics, opinion, restaurants, music, movies and art

It works for NASCAR. VOTE the GOP OUT!


The Daily Edge on

You might be a Republican if... #DumpTheGOP


Experts Say That Battle on Keystone Pipeline Is Over Politics, Not Facts

The bill, which President Obama has said he would veto, was sent along for consideration by the full Senate the day before the House was expected to approve its own version of the bill.

If you support Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick ’s bid for reelection, stay away from . The site might greet visitors with a welcoming photo of the Arizona congresswoman and a screaming “Kirkpatrick for Congress ” logo, but that design belies its true agenda.


In State of the Union Address, Obama Is to Move Past Hardship and Reset Goals

President Obama is expected to use Tuesday’s State of the Union address to urge action on issues deferred by the nation’s economic struggles in recent years.

GOP leaders have signed a Koch pledge to block all climate change legislation. | Globally, May 2014 was the hottest on record.

Koch Bros Tried To Shut Up Maddow, Bad Idea