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The galaxy looks beautiful. <3 Exo-L <3 I MADE IT I AM OFFICIALLY EXO L!!!!



He will always be the dad :3

EXO's shoulder width ranking (Sehun > Kai > Tao > Kris > Baekhyun > Lay > Xiumin > Chanyeol > Luhan > Suho > Chen > D.O.) let me lean on you <3 ㅋㅋㅋ

That is a giant apple... is that even an apple?! #exo #exok #exol #kpop #chanyeol #parkchanyeol

NCT U bias (i had no say in the choice but im actually pretty happy with it)

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ela moved to @WONWQO on

"Poor Baekhyun. :/ " poor baby X( Exo <<< D.O.'s face proves he's the one who planned this shit. XD<<Omg haha!!