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Photo by Natalina Sents - Beck's Hybrids Marketing Intern. Intern Avenue: Photo Friday

You can just feeeel it! Lika magnet to me, though rare. If you happen to be luckily blessed enough to have one of these people in your life? Let them know how much you value them :) #truejewels #pricelesspeople

Northwest Iowa Livestock Tour: Center Fresh Group - Egg Farm, Iowa Corn, Animal Ag Committee, Biosecurity

Meeting Marco Andretti: Casey's General Store, Ethanol Pump Promotion, Iowa Corn, Newton, Iowa, Iowa Corn Indy 300

Intern Avenue with @Natalina Sents: Photo Friday via Beck's Blog

Photo by Rachel Kelly - Beck's Hybrids Eastern Iowa Sales Intern. Intern Avenue: Photo Friday

Beck's Hybrids - Crop Talk - All Roads Lead to Home by Marketing Intern Natalina Sents

Photo by Kendra Keitzer - Beck's Hybrids Southeast Iowa Sales Intern. Intern Avenue: Photo Friday

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