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Head band and oversized dress with thick fabric in Terra color with intricate printed pattern is so boho.

A Gypsy girl in red head piece and oversized garment, is playing a traditional musical instrument. Both of her head band and clothing in enduring fabric reflect the toughness and vigor of Bohemian people. The talent of singing and dancing indicates the romance of Bohemian people.

From this picture of a Bohemian woman, it is able to tell that loose and delicate fabric like chiffon, and head band take roles in bohemian fashion.

The hat is a reformation of the traditional head band while the oversized earrings imply Gypsy or Hippie fashion, both of which convey a sense of wild, romance and anti-traditional.

Pink rose at ear, bouffant red hair, intricate accessory... Bohemian girl gives out a sense of vigor!

traditional Bohemian style in painting; thick fabric as cloak; convey a sense of wild and tough.

VINTAGE #RETRO #Fashion #hair of the 80's and 90's. Description from I searched for this on

The vibrant color and pattern and the macrame on the tippet are all typical boho style.

Young children, however, are raised by all the adults and by the older children…

The casual and wild Hippie style was influenced by Bohemian fashion. They share the same theme of freedom and unconventionality.