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(OPEN RP, don't ask just jump in) I look at the city from up here, I wonder if I jump what will people say? No I won't jump, I won't leave my mom alone, but I'm just wondering. I sigh as I see a lot of couples walking down the street, yes they are happy. I just want to know that someone, besides my mom, cares about me. I sigh and I look down to stare at my feet, but I see a boy about my age waving at me. (I need someone to be him)

She looked at Noah's empty milkshake cup and signed. She hung her head, looking down at the diner table and groaned. How could she think this was a real date? He was just the ultimate player who wanted to show the world that he could even snag a Ringer.

(Open rp, someone be the other person?) He looks so serene sitting there, so calm, but I knew inside he wasn't. I wanted to comfort him, but he wouldn't tell me what was wrong. All I knew was that he received an 'urgent call' and needed to step outside for a smoke afterwards. I came out a couple minutes later, too see if he was okay, though I gave him his space. "Is everything okay?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm fine." he replies. I know he's lying.

The little girl whimpered in fear and clutched at her shirt front, desperately hanging on. All her mother could do was shush her, rubbing her back in comforting circles. "Hush, little baby," she crooned soothingly. "It's going to be okay." The child said nothing, but her iron fisted grasp on the mother's shirt lessened slightly as she kept a steady, comforting babble of words wash over the girl.