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She falls into a restful sleep so she can be refreshed to start her contemporary fabulous fantasy fairy-tale all over again the next day. #DGFabulousFantasy

But then Chase meets Daring Charming, Darling's bro! And they start fighting! For most heroic... person! And Chase wins! And he gets to attend Ever After High! And then Darling + Chase? What? Chase + Darling they're supposed to hate each other, red knight white knight. This is like Royal + Rebel dating all over again

Be honest, you probably stuffed your face (multiple times!) over the past week.  Or maybe it's been weeks and weeks of falling off the health wagon. The holidays are often a perfect storm of chaos that can knock off us our footing when it comes to getting fit. Maybe you made a declaration to friends earlier this year that THIS TIME was going to be different, and you're afraid to tell them that you're gonna try again. Maybe you posted on the Nerd Fitness message boards with all the…

from Save the Kales!

PLANT-POWERED RUNNING: Starting Over (Again) and Making Progress

Some inspiration: PLANT-POWERED RUNNING: Starting Over (Again) and Making Progress