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from Mad World News

Hillary's Team Trashes Catholics & Christians In Disgusting Leaked Email

The blows to Hillary Clinton just keep coming, thanks to Wikileaks. Among today's batch of newly dumped emails is one that is spreading like wildfire and angering countless citizens across the country. The content is truly disgusting and incredibly disrespectful toward Catholic and Christian voters. Although there are many, this is definitely one at the top of the list of those that Hillary will wish had never seen the light of day.

Negative thoughts don't have to be accepted...they're just thoughts. We can all train our minds to ignore the negative and turn to the positive.

Music, movies, books...and sometimes even people... (that last one..not as creepy as i made that sound..just saying)

Can I just say that I love the change in her character? Like, in S3, she came across more like a whiny 5 year old, and now she actually seems dark and evil.

Victorian Eye Flirtation, circa 1891. No no, don't actually come out and say what you mean, just make up incredibly silly blink-language and flower-language and manners manners manners. Good job Victorians. :p

Life without books is like an unsharpened pencil ... it has no point.

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8 Amazing, Little-Known Ways Music Affects the Brain

And if you want to scream too, people in nearby cars will just assume you're rocking out. Just don't leave the windows down.<---haha, this quote is so true though