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Tudor rose...

Queen Anne Boleyn on

The Tudor Rose. Symbols of the House of York and the House of Lancaster united into the Tudor Rose. Used throughout the Tudor dynasty to proclaim their right to the crown of England.

Tudor Teeth

Tudor era bone or ivory dentures, excavated in London, February, Dentaltown - The dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers at Waterloo. BBC News

Henry VIII, 1537 by Holbein - WikiPaintings.org

Portrait of King Henry VIII -- -- Hans Holbein the Younger -- B. Germany - D. England) -- Oil on canvas -- @ the Walker Art Gallery -- Liverpool, England

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Anne Boleyn's letter (dated 29 April 1529) to Stephen Gardiner:  link includes transcript

Anne Boleyn’s Letter to Stephen Gardiner. This letter was written by Anne Boleyn on 4 April Not many of Anne’s letters from the period of the divorce survive and, furthermore, it demonstrates the personal interest Anne took in the divorce proceedings.

Henry VII as a younger man, oil on panel by Richard Burchett (1815–1875), part of his series of portraits at the Palace of Westminster telling the Tudor story

Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, King Henry VII Born to the Margaret Beaufort. His father, Edmund Tudor, died 3 months before his birth. Gained the throne when he defeated and killed Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485

1640, England. Gold and enamel. The Order of the Garter was founded by Edward III in 1348 and is the oldest order of chivalry in Europe. The collar, introduced by Henry VIII, consists of 26 Tudor roses within blue garters, with an image of St George killing the dragon hanging by a gold tassel. The image is known as the 'Greater George', while the badge shown here is called the 'Lesser George'.

Order of the Garter (Badge)

Order of the Garter (Badge)Badge Place of origin: London, England (made) Date: ca. 1640 (made) Artist/Maker: unknown (production) Materials and Techniques: Gold and enamel

'’’Coat of Arms of the Tudor Princes of Wales’’’ used by Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII and Edward VI.

Coat of Arms: '’’Coat of Arms of the Tudor Princes of Wales used by Arthur Tudor, Henry VIII and Edward VI.