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Did you know? Conventionally grown, organic and GMO produce have different sticker codes. Choose produce with a five digit code starting with a organic!

Celebrate Non-GMO Month By Using Your Shopping Cart As A Vehicle for Social Change

Celebrate Non-GMO Month By Using Your Shopping Cart As A Vehicle for Social Change - Rootstock

GMO - "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO - BUY ORGANIC!! GMO USA=NO LABELS!!

GMO -- "Natural" doesn't mean non-GMO. Buy organic, non-GMO seeds and food.

During a press conference in Paris, it was announced that a tribunal will investigate Monsanto for its many "crimes against nature and humanity." Dr. Seralini's research that showed huge tumors in rats fed Roundup/GMOs for 2 years almost stopped the use of Roundup in Europe until Monsanto set out to discredit him. Now the study is republished. Talked to him on 1st trip in yrs. Getthe real story of what happened /where to go from here:

How Monsanto Rook Control of Our Food - infographic timeline excellent post 👍

And always follow the cardinal rules of fridge storage.

How Long Does Food Keep in the Fridge?

How Long Food Lasts in the Fridge - When to Throw Food Away - Good Housekeeping

How Choosing Organic Helps the World via @The Organic | Eco Green Love  Like: https://www.facebook.com/am.ecogreenlove

How Choosing Organic Helps the World

Health Infographic - How Choosing Organic Helps The World - Please make it a priority to support your local farmers and farmers markets who offer organic food.

Do It And How | You can do it….. Here's how! | Page 30

Ripe And Easy – A Guide To Produce Ripening. Can't eat healthy if you don't know how to store and care for healthy foods.

What Does “Organic” really mean? [Infographic]

Everything you ever wanted to know about what it means to be USDA certified organic. (If you are concerned about GMOs in your food, just buy certified organic products; they are not allowed to contain GMOs.

10 foods to NEVER eat again!  It's hard, but worth it for your most important machine... Your body.

10 foods you should never eat again by The Health Ranger. I'm doing pretty good on this list! I do eat bacon.I get the nitrate free if its on sale and I aim to do better on gmos. It's so hard!

carbs killing you

Carbs Are Killing You: Eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat Carbs Are Killing You! Why eating fat doesn't make you fat.