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Shelton Square: Until the lifeless and drab Main Place Mall and Tower replaced its character-filled old buildings, billboards and neon signs, Shelton Square was more or less Buffalo’s version of Times Square.

Shelton Square: In 1965, most of the buildings in this photo started to come down. In December, it was announced the new $20 million complex being built in its place was given a name “big enough for such a big project — Main Place.”

Shelton Square: It was the city’s crossroads; it was bright and vibrant. It was the place where people transferred streetcars and buses — just about every line in the city came through. Standing in Shelton Square, you were a few blocks from the Crystal Beach Boat in one direction, a few blocks from the Town Casino the other way. It was the middle of the action that was Buffalo.

Buffalo, NY City Hall. 32 story Art Deco building completed in 1931 by Dietel, Wade & Jones Architect.

I noticed this light post had a vintage Buffalo Sabres hockey sticker on it...The light post is lighting the sidewalks that onced circeld the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium or better known as "The Aud" past the fence in this picture is the crater of the Aud's existence... "The thing about that building was that everyone was so close that you could recognize people just by looking up. You don't get that in a lot of places today. The people felt like they were a part of the team and we felt…

why do some old, abandoned buildings give me the creeps and some I see as totally beautiful? - RM

Downtown looking west circa 1919.... Trinity Church in the background well as Sullivan's Guarantee Building.... The two tall buildings are gone now but most interesting is the building with the curved roof.... Some kind of arena perhaps?