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Radically Diverse Australian Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford

Fringed Benifits by Carla Wick/Jandelle Petters. Great medicinal species called Split Gill or Schizophylum commune

in this image the photographer has used a macro lens to capture the detail and texture in the coral, there isn't a lot of color in it so that takes away some of the distraction so we focus more on the lines and imagine what it would feel like to touch it and feel it, which creates a lot more of interest in it. it gets the viewers senses flowing

Fenella Elms - Ceramics Artist - Sculpture...I love how she curved the shape and showing beautiful form of clay design, the texture and colors are perfect.

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Dermatophytes that causes Cutaneous mycoses in humans and How to deal with it.

Wrinkled peach fungus (Rhodotus palmatus)

What can ONE say about these???? Well, if I were a Faery, and maybe I AM, I would surely live here! Saleena Ki

this is everything. (a pink oyster mushroom, spotted here:

mushroomjoe:I found this beautiful young stand of Coprinopsis atramentaria, “Tippler’s Bane,” outside my tent at the Finger Lake Campground in Wasilla. When maturing, this mushroom “deliquesces,” meaning it turns into a melting black goo laden with spores. It adopted its common name because, although it’s edible, it reacts severely if you have alcohol in your system. Symptoms include vomiting, facial reddening, and tingling. Alcohol consumed up to three days after eating this mushroom can…