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Flight 77 (Documentary of 2011 about American Airlines Flight 77)

Removing The Shackles: NOT Conspiracy- Facts of 9/11.

If you fold together $5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 bills in a certain way, they each reveal, in order, different scenes of the Twin Towers being destroyed, from the towers standing unharmed on the $5 bill to nothing but smoke left on the $100 bill. Too much of a coincidence.

How very odd I click on visit and it keeps say not found or it goes to a metal site

911 remarkable facts!.... AND... The commission investigating the largest terror attack on American soil was only given $15 million to do so.......the investigation into impeaching Pres. Clinton was given over 3 times that amount.


The World’s Wealth Controlled by a Single Family

"Evelyn De Rothschild With the exception of 3 countries, every dollar of currency on earth is an I.O.U. to my family. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Before 9/11 there were 7 countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. As of 2012 only 3 are left to invade, take over and acquire before the world's wealth is controlled by a single family." (Steel only needs to get hot to loose 50% of its strength. Saying it has to melt in order to fall is just stupid)