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A Hardcore Cardio and Strength Workout For Killer Abs

Fast, fun, and effective workout that burns calories and tones the abs with standing ab workout.

(Open Rp. Be him?) I was out taking a walk when I notice the plane. It's a couple of miles away, and it's quite low in the sky. That's when I realize it is falling. It's almost above the city now, and I can tell it is going to land right on top of us. Everyone including me runs in panic. That's when the plane comes down. I look up to see it right above me. Suddenly someone grabs my arm and pulls me with them. Then the plane lands where I was just standing just a few seconds before.

The moon had risen, yet the shipwright was nowhere to be seen. Surely he hadn't been mislead by the glowsnarks after all?

They planned a Million Muslim March for 9/11. American bikers responded by riding to DC on the same day. Bikers: 880,000 showed (at best count) Muslims: 59 showed (accurate count) Says something, no?

There is a difference between home security and home defense. Security involves preventative actions you would take to reduce or to deter action by others and of course defense is reacting once a threat presents itself. The title “ins and outs” is named thus, because you have to think about keeping others from coming in … Continue reading »