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Found this weird notebook outside today…

Well this is a little mean, it's just they are pretty much telling him to kill himself just in a way that has humor, I know they were all probably just trying to joke around but seriously I don't like it and it make me mad


NigaHiga is on here XD!!! Sure, sure Fullmetal Alchemist is for kids, Naruto is for kids with his 'Sexy no jutsu', Shugo Chara definitely CAN'T be for adults (it has a girl fallin in love with a neko boy who's in High school...she's in Elementary school)


Do Your Parents Know Each Pokémon's Name?

This is almost exactly how my mom calls these guys. She only knows Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charizard, Mew and Bidoof for some reason.. Even thought that's a dif gen


Please, Just Come Back When I'm Done!

I like drawing. So at school I always draw at lunch (sometimes it's homework I Didn't do) and I'm like Armin in this picture. And everyone who stares at me when I'm drawing are eren This is so accurate to me!


The Basic Genders of Anime

The ones I know are so true... Can anyone recommend their favorite anime (I've already seen Blue Exorcist, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Hetalia, D-Gray Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Blood +, and Puella Madoki Magica...) ?>> Kuroko no basket I base