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Andrewsarchus - He walked on four short legs and a long body, long tail, and feet with hoofed toes. He had a long snout with large, sharp teeth and flat teeth may have been used to crush bones. Had a length from snout to the back of the pelvis of about 3.4 m and a height from the ground to the shoulder or mid-back of approximately 1.5 m. Probably weighed about 1000 kg He is considered the largest known terrestrial carnivore to date.

The Giant Ground Sloths: The giant ground sloth is believed to have weighed about 2.5 tonnes, the same as an Asian Elephant! Their fossils have been found from Patagonia to Alaska. The last ground sloths seem to have died out about 10,000 years ago. Saw this skeleton in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC when I was a kid. Must see!!!

The original 1905 skeletal mount of Triceratops horridus at the Smithsonian. This was the world's first mount of a horned dinosaur, and included skeletal elements from over a dozen different individuals, some of which weren't the same size and gave us bones that were too small for the skeleton. It also contained several sculpted elements that technicians made by hand, and the foot bones of a different dinosaur, a duckbill dinosaur, to replace missing Triceratops bones.

The South America giant short-faced bear is the largest bear ever discovered, at 3,500 pounds and at least 11 feet.

Size comparison of skulls of extinct lions and modern Lion


A giant deer from the Ice Age comes from a bog in Ireland, ca. 10,000 B.C., AMH.