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Adventure Time art marshall lee fionna fionna and cake Prince Gumball flame prince

Stakes by Immature-Child02 on DeviantArt

Bubblegum and Marceline // Stakes // Adventure time

Marshys pose is cute xP

Marceline and Marshall Lee modern fashion

Adventure Time - Marceline's song

Marceline has daddy problems.

Adventure Time Marceline and Ice King @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Redlawsk

Re Ghiaccio


Celebrate The Upcoming 100th Episode Of 'Glee' With TV's Most Memorable Musical Episodes

It seems that nowadays we get so caught up in the idea that we need healing. We…

What you water, grows.

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The Twelve Days Of Christmas.  Absolutely hilarious!!  I laughed so hard I cried.

An Open Letter to Pumpkin-Flavored Seasonal Treats. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Open Letters:

must remember this corny pic up line....for when i meet Eddie....

must remember this corny pic up line.for when i meet Eddie.

You don't have to be single to want some alone time. Although seeing a movie, going to a concert, and eating out are typical date ideas, doing these things solo can be quite liberating. While it may seem scary or maybe a little strange at first, it's time spent alone where you can really discover yourself. With these 10 activities, we give you total permission to ride solo.

No Date, No Problem! 10 Things to Do Alone