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That's what a guy tells you when he likes you...yep it's weird...a guy always bullies the girl that he likes...why I still don't know. It's a mystery that no one will ever resolve. lol just kidding of course guys aren't that bad.

ホワイトグラデュエーション!(`◇´)/ on

Kurumi . Age 15 . She doesn't like being teased . If she likes you she'll seems very scary . She may try to kill you but she doesn't know how to sho emotions well

VananaVillacrls on

I wish my life story is like anime. It's way better and adventurous! :D #otakuproblems

✨✨✨ what manga is this, please? :) // i cant help but agree, its very much like something i would say. ~Mrs.Rivaille

awesome picture - little kitty on the table, artist, plant, and of course, the mess. I wish i could look just like that. She's got a nice outfit too!