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Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? I MUST HAVE ONE!!

Miniature Golden Doodle! I keep trying to convince my husband that whatever dog he buys need to end in "poodle or doodle". . . anti shedding. . .!

Goldendoodle--Perfect for me. Intelligence of the poodle, a non-shedding coat, and the large size and wonderful companionship of a Golden Retriever.

Goldendoodle puppy. Seriously adorable. I've been begging Daniellllllllll. We need!!!!!!!!

Miniature Goldendoodle Sandy Ridge - The Miniature Goldendoodle. OH. MY. GOODNESS.

Photo Gallery - Medium & Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in Los Angeles and Ventura, California! English Teddybear Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale!

MAR 16, 2016 Rory, Miniature Goldendoodle (3 m/o), New York, NY • “When she gets scared of the vacuum cleaner, she hides between the wine bottles. It’s her safe place.”