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Ventricular Arrhythmias: “PALS” Pharmacology Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: http://nurseslabs.com/pharmacology-nursing-mnemonics-tips/

preload and afterload precarga: tension en la pared del ventriculo al finalizar la diastole (aumentada por: hipervolemia, aumento del rv, falla cardiaca xq no larga toda la sangre) poscarga: fuerza que tiene que hacer el miocardio ventricular para expeler la sangre en la sistole y o. la circulacion (aumenta en hipertension y vc. A>trabajo ♥, >poscarga)

Another great way to remember Decorticate Posturing is that you turn inwards toward your CORE. Also, abnormal posturing occurs with increased intracranial pressure. It’s a great way to observe for changes in LOC.

Perhaps when I graduate I should sell my notes too... Laminated hand-drawn human anatomy study diagrams. $45.00, via Etsy.

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