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My Reaction to Mad Max: Fury Road and the Utter Perfection that is Imperator Furiosa

Regram of #Furiosa #cosplay progress from @overworlddesigns!

Brooklyn Museum: Judy Chicago’s Feminist Pedagogy and Alternative Spaces


Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education : Critical Theory and Practice (Paperback)

Education Critical,Higher Education,Feminist Pedagogy,Practice Paperback,Critical Theory

The image above, the quote and the linked article all relate closely to Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. CRP falls nicely into Whole Child Education because it makes all children feel safe and supported in their classroom. The article serves as a guide for teachers in creating an appropriate and inclusive classroom library with literature that provides both "windows and mirrors" in the stories being told.

I hate people like this. If you think you're in the right, why be ashamed to admit your bigotry?

ricardo levins morales art for social justice office?

Breeze, W. (2007). Constructing a Male Feminist Pedagogy. Draw upon for methods and analysis ideas for "Taylor's" interviews in oral history project.

Critical Race Theory is about race, wealth and power. In urban schools, one cannot ignore the issue of critical race theory and hope to solve urban schools' problems.