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Pitcher Plant and Amoebas 1990 Ernst Haeckel Art Forms in Nature Litho

Phaeodaria from Kunstformen der Natur (German for Art Forms of Nature), c. 1899 - 1904 by German biologist Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel Une tuerie visuel > A visual killing stuff > Una chimba visual > want some more clik on pict

Ernst Haeckel > Art Forms of Nature / Kunstformen der Natur

Haeckel Cyrtoidea - Patterns in nature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Haeckel Cyrtoidea - Ernst Haeckel — Wikipédia Plus

illustraties: ernest haeckel

Ernst Haeckel - Kunstformen der Natur - Artforms of Nature

Ernst Haeckel - Kunstformen der Natur - Artforms of Nature: Illustration by Ernst Haeckel

Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells. It all comes ... pic.twitter.com/nN0NPm1K6V

Memory can be aided through beauty because it stimulates and encourages memory. 'Beauty in nature: microscopic plant cells' emphasises Patterns, texture, colour and can even evoke pattern inspiration.

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Ernst Haeckel, Radiolarian Color Painting, courtesy First Run/Icarus Film

Geometry in nature

Experiments with the golden ratio, top view of dandelion seeds with black background. Notice the spiral pattern. - board I pinned this from is all spirals and Fibonacci

Beautiful Kiwi picture

The Precision-of-Design-in-Nature . as Revealed by the KIwi-Fruit-in-Cross-section; "by dennis wojtkiewicz" Science in Everyday Life retired Junior Girl Scout badge