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Explore Zero Force, Drawing 01 and more!

Zero- Force of Will by Momychan

Force and Motion unit using interactive journals. Cute push and pull picture sort.

This is literally 90% of the relationship between Yato, Yukine and Hiyori.

Fairy Tail Lightning fire dragon Natsu!

Wendy in her normal form and when she's using Dragon Force.

And here we have a collage of several pictures of my husband

Human Table Trick from Steve Spangler Science | Experiments | Steve Spangler Science

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Whatᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗgecko в Твиттере: «Brithday gift kuro for my friend…

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All About Force NGSS mini-book

This 28-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd grade in forces and interactions (3-PS2).It covers the following principles: what is force, different kinds of force, gravity, magnets, contact forces, action-at-a-distance forces, predicting motion, net zero force, balanced vs.