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All About Force NGSS mini-book

This 28-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd grade in forces and interactions (3-PS2).It covers the following principles: what is force, different kinds of force, gravity, magnets, contact forces, action-at-a-distance forces, predicting motion, net zero force, balanced vs.

Lmao! My ex husband should have earned a few of these! Never been deployed in his 8 year career because he manages to weasle out of them! Always wants to be honored and respected as a member of the Air Force but has absolutely zero percent integrity and is nothing but a "Chair Force" paper pusher!

Recon Marine by ~AlexJJessup on deviantART There would be nothing "Swift, silent or deadly" about wearing all of this crap. I bet most of it would stay in a kit bag unused. It is an excellent drawing though.