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Alvis Saladin Armoured Car, via Flickr.

IS-3 (JS-3 - Joseph Stalin 3) | USSR Very innovative tank for its time, dureing the course of WWII it's front armor was never penatrated by Axis powers; IS-3 also lived as a very succesful Heavy tank up until the uprise of MBTs

VK 45.01(H) 1 Tiger prototype.This vehicle is fitted with vorpanzer

us m47 patton tank Dragon models - track very difficult to build - odd fits


41 Historic Photos That Are So Rare, You Might Have Missed Them

42 Historic Photos That Are So Rare, You Might Have Missed Them 6 -

330-CFD-DN-ST-86-02556 | 330-CFD-DN-ST-86-02556: Waves crash… | Flickr

Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle / Le véhicule de patrouille blindé tactique

Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha tank built for jungle-clearing

When you need to get the real story about some of history's most fascinating women, call Stacy Schiff. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author's work includes Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov) and Cleopatra: A Life. In her highly anticipated new book, The Witches: Salem, 1692, Schiff focuses on an infamous and dark period of American history, especially as it relates to women: the Salem witch trials.

Geshutzwagen (GW) Tiger. A late war German self-propelled gun using Tiger II components...