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Your guide to scientific licking

Your guide to scientific licking

My faves: "In zoology, science licks you" and "software engineering: nothing else has made the code work, so you might as well try"!!

by 2016 I thought we would have flying cars and cool technology but instead we have killer clowns & Donald Trump running for president.

Clowns terrorizing the streets, a real life billionaire villain running for president, we need you Batman.

from 9GAG

Just Saw this meme that is trending at the moment... Had to add something... To the added

Marvel: Humans who wanna be gods | DC: Gods who wanna be humans

There have been clown sightings where I live so now there's someone dressed as Batman fighting back. I'm living in a comic book

Well, who the hell is feeding the cat?

"He looked at her the way a blind man saw the sun for the first time: Covered his eyes and screamed."<<repinning for that last part