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Bruce Campbell Spills His Guts on Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz in 2015 -

“I sighed, and a small burden of guilt dropped away. Jamie had been fighting to defend me, when he killed Dougal, and I had always felt that death to be laid at my door. But he was right, Dougal; too much lay between them, and if that final conflict...

"Dog Dean Afternoon" I'm watching this right now again it's one of my favorites

The way Sam keeps his hand on his brother's shoulder.... The way he defends him to Cas, "This won't happen again." He trusts Dean to not do this again, to fight this darkness. Sam trusts his big brother so much and I think that's why Dean opens up to him....

11x01 Out of The Darkness, Into The Fire [gifset] - That's right Sam, own that decision! XD - Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

"Just stop talking." Haha, but the look on Sam's face in the last pic breaks my heart </3

John Winchester’s Journal….. Sam & Dean. And now I cry.... a lot. Damn right you didn't have any right to do that

I love how Sam is soulless right here, but he still smiles watching his big brother, his hero, talking to a baby. I've often wondered if maybe he imagined himself as a baby and a little Dean saying the same thing to him when John asked Dean to watching his baby brother for a few minutes. Or if he imagines Dean saying that to his own baby in a world where they could have normal lives and settle down.

...except Sam's line was about "Back in Time" because for the first time it WASN'T "Heat of the Moment" ---- back in time? That's right! Gabriel.... You tricky mf.

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