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I can't read Japanese but this bentou box is too cute not to pin

Panda Onigiri Japanese Bento Lunch (Rice, Kuromame Black Beans, Kanikama Red Surimi Stick, Nori and Cheese)

Japanese Bento BoxLunch (Seasoned Rice, Fried Shrimp, Egg Ham Asparagus Roll)|弁当

Meatball Bento 肉団子弁当

お弁当 : Linmal's Kitchen ~金沢の旬の味と毎日のお弁当

お弁当 : Linmal's Kitchen ~金沢の旬の味と毎日のお弁当

Why we not do this to in Europe... T.T or at least in Amerika... Or the U.S, Asians can think about the smartest things for trips or school, or work.

はじめての蓮根飾り切りお弁当 みなさんの写真を見ていていつもかわいいな〜♡と思ってた蓮根の飾り切りに今日初めてチャレンジ✊ 角をなかなかまぁるくできず、まな板が細かい切れ端だらけに難しい〜 ぱっと見はなんとか様になったかな✨ #お弁当 #手抜き弁当 #わっぱ弁当 #曲げわっぱ #旦那弁当