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Inspirational Quotes: When one door closes, sometimes you want to get a hammer and nails to make sure that bitch stays shut. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description When one door closes, sometimes.

Inspirational Quotes // If it doesn't open..it's not your door.

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34 Wonderful Motivational And Inspirational Quotes 34 Wonderful Motivational And Inspirational Quotes. More quotes you will love here.[optin-cat id&

I'd like to keep these in my phone to empower myself from time to time.

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Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life.

Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life. This is my life now!

Thinking about painting the front door in the Spring.  Any thoughts on this teal?  Is it too 1980's since our house has red brick, black shutters and white trim?  Thought about purple, olive, goldenrod...

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Deep within your Soul is a door that opens into a world of wonder ~ Open the Door and Let the Magic In ~❤~

Feeling your feelings is an important tool for greater self love, increased peace, happiness, confidence and joy.

She was still standing there, in all her red-headed glory. "What are you doing here?" I hissed. "You're supposed to be halfway across the country!" "I ran away." I crossed my arms, staring at her disbelievingly. She stared right back at me, her eyes wide and unblinking. Finally I sighed, letting my arms drop to my side, and opened the door wider. "I suppose you'll want a cup of tea?" Her face broke into a smile. "Yes, please, that sounds wonderful."

Anger boiled deep inside of me and i was sure that i would punch Adam. So i closed the door, took five deep breaths, and then opened it again

Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this.. You come home from school one day. You’ve had yet another horrible day. You’re just ready to give up. So you go to your room, close the door, and take out that suicide note you’ve written and rewritten over and over and over. You take out those razor blades, and cut for the very last time. You grab that bottle of pills and take them all. Laying down, holding the letter to your chest, you close your eyes for the very last time. A few hours later, your…

I can't stop crying I've read this to so many people.and everyone I cry.people please read this then repost it.and read it to people that you know have problems like this in there live it could save them.it did me!