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The kind of crying that happens when I watch "Les Miserables", "Bright Star", "City of Angels", "Pay It Forward", "Titanic", "The Patriot" "The Two Towers", "Return of the King" or "Last of the Mohicans". Every time; without fail.

One of the best gifs of all time. Do not have liquid in your mouth when watching. You have been warned.

my gifs Teen Wolf Dylan O'Brien TW stiles stilinski derek hale tyler hoechlin…

undertale, frisk, papyrus, asriel, sans GIF

Why Women Stay in an Abusive Relationship

from Jezebel

The Only Hunger Games GIF You'll Ever Need, Starring Katniss and Rue

one of the cutest gifs ever❤️ (it's looks sad but it's not)

aps- Okay who is making these?! You crossed the line, you wicked genius.